Health Benefits of Eating Unripe Mangoes and Bananas

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My belief was that eating unripe fruits has no benefit at all. Until I read it here:,miracles-of-unripe-fruits-a-wonder-drug
Some of the effects are highlighted below:
1. It has a positive effect on digestion.
2. It regulates menstrual flow.
3. It aids healing of Septic Wounds.
4. It treats Acne and Psoriasis.
5. It treats Infected Tonsils.
These are general health benefits of eating unripe fruits.
For the health benefits of unripe mangoes and green bananas, read the original post here:

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  1. I think this is funny because, since I moved to Italy 8 years ago, Italians here heat unripe fruit even tomatoes, I thought “why?” and “ewww” but I guess it all makes sense to harvest the raw vitamins of the fruit before it ripens. Thanks for this information.

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