6 Reasons for Delayed Achievement (2 min read)

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Many people desire success, but the result is proving otherwise. It is not that they are not taking steps, while they are not wrong, but the successful accomplishments are delayed. These are some of the likely reasons why many people’s desired achievements are delayed.

1. Your desire level: Some don’t have a desire for success, some have but they have a desire for a little achievement. Some are just doing what they are doing for doing sake, not for a tangible purpose. “Let me do it so that they won’t say I am not taking steps.” Taking wrong steps cannot get you to your destination. On a wrong path, no matter how many steps you have taken, it’s getting you farther from your successful endeavor.

2. Loving to talk than to listen: Many people thought they have already known everything. They don’t want to learn from anybody, they don’t want to listen to others. They are sapping themselves of their ideas, without gaining any from others. There is no challenge by sharing some of your ideas, not all, with some selected people, but they must be those you can equally gain from. It has to be a symbiotic relationship.


3. Your goal is common: Many people want to succeed. You are not the only aspiring candidate for success, many people want to succeed, and hence, you are competing for the same opportunities. If you are working towards your goal with this in mind, you will know how to relate and work with people that come your way.

4. Seeking help first from others: You need to help yourself first: Look for what you can do on your own before you can seek for help in the area you need others to help. You need to help yourself first; those that you are looking at for help may also need help. Even if they want to render such help, unforeseen contingencies may hamper them from rendering the help on time.

5. Walk and work with like-minded people: It is not everybody that is going in your direction. Move only with those that are heading the same destination as you are. As you are researching about the journey, they may have some pieces of information that you need. They are already equipped with the required information you may not be in possession of. You have to be tender (kind and sympathetic) with them, in order to have access into what they possess that you don’t.

6. Your perspective about failure: Some people see failure as a bad omen. It may be tender (physically painful, even psychologically painful), you have to take it easy. Failure is good sometimes! It is a springboard to a high achievement. I don’t pray you fail, but when it happens, it is a foundation for better achievement. Failure is supposed to make you come out stronger than you started. If a class is repeated, the performance and achievement should be better in the long run.

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