Reading is a Crisp (2 min read)

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Reading gives us

Reading is a crisp! It is actually a hard work, but if you know the value of what you are doing, you will give it all it takes to read every day. Albeit, as time goes on, it would become part of your system, that you would hardly do without it every second of your life.

Bishop David Oyedepo in his book; “Exploring the Secrets of Success”, page 47, lines 7 – 15 wrote about Richard Branson – the owner of Virgin Airline in Britain – who was rated eleventh wealthiest Briton some years ago. How did he achieve this? He rose to this position by the information he came across from reading a little book, “Small is Beautiful.” Branson dropped out of school at the age 19 and started a business as a newspaper vendor. But the information he gathered from that little book paved the way for his great heights in business. Also in his another book’ “Understanding Financial Prosperity”, page 144, lines 13 – 17. He wrote about a prominent man of God who used to be very poor. But one day, he encountered one little book written by Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin titled, “Redeem from Sickness, Poverty, and Death.” And from the insight he contacted from that book, poverty fled! And he became a wealthy and great man.

If you ask many great men about their secret of success, most of them will tell you they got it from books (information); even Apostle Paul was a man of books (2 Timothy 4:13). If you ask them, “how did they make it?” What is the most important instrument that culminates into their success? Their answer will boil down to the same thing. Most of them will give you the answer directly and some indirectly. Those that give direct answers will say “books”, and those that give indirect one will say things like God, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, hard work, discipline, dedication, attitude, determination etc. If all these answers are analyzed, as it has been said earlier, everything is going to boil down to information gotten from “books”. If you don’t interact with the great, you can’t be great. But how? Through their books and their blogs. “Books” is the most important tool that shapes ordinary men and makes out of them great men.


In Ezra 8: 2 – 3; the law Ezra read was very ancient, but the day marked something new. The Jews were becoming, in a way they had never been before, a people of the book. They were being built, with materials as strong as the stones used in building their newly built city.

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