Carve Out and Guard Your Portion (2 min read)

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You have your own portion in life, but the irony of it is that nobody will bring it to you. You have to take steps to possess what is yours. It is unlike other possessions of yours which would be brought to you.

Your own portion in life is so rich that everyone covets and desires it. Hence, you have to carve it out and guard it. These are some ways you can carve and guard your portion.

  1. Identify what you can do well: there is one thing you can do well than many others. You are good at it and you do it effortlessly. That is the best area you build the whole of your life around: your profession, your hobby, everything about your life. If you can do this, you will enjoy life to the fullest, and you will soar effortlessly in life.
  2. Keep doing it every day: You might have identified the area you are good at, but that does not lead to success automatically. You have to keep doing it, even if the future of it looks bleak. You don’t back out. No good success comes easily, that is why you need to build your portion in life around your gift, you will keep enjoying it even when success is not conspicuous. If you build it around what you are not good at, you will back out, when success is not in view. Therefore, when you have identified what you are good at, keep doing it without relenting.
  3. Brand it: When you work at your recognized area of gift, success is inevitable. When success begins to show forth, then, you need to brand your portion. Let people know that it is something worth doing, something worth investing on. Let people know you for who you are, that is when people of like-minded would be attracted to you.
  4. Network: When you have branded your successful area of gifting, and people recognize you and attracted to you. You also have to recognize them in return. Then, this is the time to network with one another. You need to work together with them in order to move up the ladder of success in life. If you don’t network, you can be successful, but to maintain the successful position requires networking.

Carve out your portion and guard it jealously!


The Zelophead’s daughters also claimed their own portion (Numbers 27: 1 – 7).

Genesis 14:24 -… let them take their portion.

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