Trace with Grace (2 min read)

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What came to my mind when I first saw the word “trace”, is how children trace numbers and letters at a particular stage of their education. Why do they trace while adults write freely? The reason is not far-fetched. They are not yet able to write properly, hence, they need a kind of prompt and support in order to be interested in writing.

In the same way children at some levels need to trace some letters and numbers, in order to learn how to write them properly, we adults also need to trace some traits in life before we can become experts at some areas.

These are some of the ways we can metaphorically trace, as individuals, writers, and bloggers in life:

  • As human beings, we should begin to trace good characters and virtues from ourselves and emulate them. We don’t need to make a statement like, “the man is loved by everybody”, we should rather ask ourselves, what is the man doing that makes everybody to love and inclined to him? When we trace and find such secrets, then it should be practiced.
  • As couples, we should learn from ourselves. There is one thing that is common to all couples all over the world. We see the negative sides of our spouse first, and we try to expose it, I am not saying we should cover it up? But my question is that, “why don’t we see each other’s positive side first, appreciate it, learn from it, and practice the same?” If we can do that, sincerely speaking, the negative sides will not surface at all.
  • As bloggers, there is nothing wrong in learning what we don’t know from other bloggers and sites. How? You don’t just only read posts from other sites, but you apply what you have learned, if there is new learning, to your sites. For instance, I learn from that you can attach the time it takes to read a particular post to the heading, and I have already started putting it to practice. It was a site that first introduced me to when I read one of the site’s posts, she responded to the daily prompt, and I traced the link to the site, and my blog started growing.

Let’s trace with grace so that we can run with normal pace in the race of life, in order to brace the space between good and exceptional achievement in the long run. It is high time we traced the line of perfection, and become an expert in the race!

Genesis 30:27 – … for I have learned by experience….

Happy New Month Friends!

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