The Catapult Nature of Man

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I don’t know how a catapult looks like in other countries of the world. In my country, Nigeria, it is a thick rubber strip tightly tied to the two arms of a Y-shaped strong stick. It is normally used to kill birds, though it can also be used to kill some other small animals like squirrels.

It is local hunting equipment. It is used along with stone to kill the target of the operator of the catapult. The destructive effect of the catapult on the animal depends among other things on the weapon itself and the expertise and the strength of the hunter. If it is a bird, where it is shot, determines whether it is going to die instantly or escape with it. A catapult is a small equipment, but in the hand of an expertise, it can be used for successful hunting of birds and some other small animals.

You as a Catapult


What materials are you made of? Are you well-shaped? Which force is driving you?

  • What materials are you made of?

The catapult I am referring to in this context is made up of wood and rubber. There are different types of wood: hard and soft wood. There are also rubber of different thickness. The correct combination of these materials determines the effectiveness of the weapon. What stuff are you made of? Are you equipped for success? You may not have made it in life, but you and others should already know where you are heading to. This would be revealed by who you are. This can be gotten from the type of books you read, people you associate with, and the friends you keep. Show me your friends, and I will know the type of person you are. Someone says, “You are the average of people you relate with.”

  • Are you well-shaped?

This weapon I am talking of has a Y-shaped wood frame. It sometimes deviates from the original shape because it is locally and manually produced. In order to function effectively because of its “little” deformity, the operator has to reposition it make sure the stone will pass through the center of the letter ‘V’ on the tail. That is the best way the shot stone can have the best effect on its prey. As a human being, you have your area of strength and your area of weakness. What will determine your successful endeavor is not only concentrating on your area of strength, but also on working on your area of weakness.

  • Which force is driving you?

A catapult in the hand of a child and a novice may not be able to accomplish anything, but in the hand of a matured man with an expertise in its use is deadly. Go and ask Goliath, there is even no need, his death has already told us the effect the stone from David’s catapult had on him. Age counts in life but you have to be matured psychologically and emotionally. Your International Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) are the important forces that you need to build as you are building your expertise in whatever area you are gifted in order to have a successful endeavor.

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