A Maze of Narrow Ways

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I was amazed when I was searching dictionaries for the meaning of maze, and I found that MAZE and MAIZE have the same pronunciation, though a little difference in spelling. Different words with different spelling and meaning, but the same pronunciation.

Such is life! A maze could mean a confusing network of paths, streets, or passageways that a pedestrian or driver might become lost in; most time they are narrow, adding salt to injury. In life, there are sometimes we find ourselves in a dilemma, in situations whereby we will need to take an important decision and all that we would see is confusion. Every decision will look like correct one. Every way will seem the right way. And when the decision is taken, it is not always easy to turn back, because of the narrowness of the way. It is like when a motorist was lost on a particular road, and U-turn is forbidden, he has to continue the journey until he comes by a T-junction or an intersection.

Turning back from here to go to the starting point, in order to take a correct decision will take a lot of time. Hence, one has to take advice from the experienced, and ruminate properly before a crucial decision is taken in order to avert wastage of time and destiny. It is not how far, but how best.


Some areas of life that present themselves as a maze in life are as follows: The course to undertake in higher institutions, whether to accept an employment in a particular company, who to marry in life, relocation to another place, the retirement age in order to start our own business or company, and so on so forth.

These are crucial areas of our life that we have to be very careful because a little deviation from taking a correct decision will cause us a lot.

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Author: Peter Adewumi

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