Learning is a Continuous Thing

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Learning ought to be a continuous thing. There is a phenomenon called Long-life learning. We all ought to be a lifetime apprentice when it comes to learning new things. An apprentice could be termed as a novice or amateur. We are all inexperienced and amateurs in one area or the other. Hence, when you stop learning, you start dying.

It is not easy to be an apprentice in order to learn a new thing. It is always tasking, but we need the endurance to push us on; and also the humility to accept what we don’t know without prejudice, and to seek for knowledge from those that know more than us. We need to learn from those that are knowledgeable more than us in a particular area; even, anyone that claims that she knows more than us, let us be humble and listen to what she has to offer, what about if she actually knows more than us at the end of the day?

We are all apprentices – inexperienced and amateur – in some things. Can you humble yourself enough in order to learn what you don’t know from others? You cannot know everything, there are many things you need to still learn, if you don’t learn what you don’t know, you will soon stop being relevant. This day, it is not what you know that really matters; it is how fast you learn new things.


That is why readers become leaders, winners, and authors in the long run. They want to learn every day. They are voracious in reading. They want to consume everything possible. They learn every time and continuously, that is why readers always end great. Every apprentice always ends as a master, hence, every reader and those that yearn for knowledge always end great men.


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Author: Peter Adewumi

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