God Once Had a Problem!

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There is a reason for every season.

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There are different seasons of life, wet and dry, cold and hot. There are winter, summer, autumn, and spring. Everybody would agree with me that, some seasons favor planting than others; that is the reason we do say, “Planting Season.” But this day, technology has made it possible to plant all round the year. Even in some places where they have soil fertility problem, technology has restored and made all-time planting possible. For instance, I learned that Israel topography and her soil fertility did not favor successful farming, but through technology, they are able to farm profitably everything season. Highly mechanized farming through technology has made her be one of the best agriculture.

Farming is now made possible in every season. God is not wicked, there is a reason he made them different: wet and dry, cold and hot, summer and winter. If hot season does not precede a raining season, how would there be evaporation that would later result into rain? Jesus died so that he can rise and live again. Just like a seed planted, it would first of all die, and then begin to germinate, and then blown fully into life. Can you now see there is a reason for every season? Sometimes, a particular product would be scarce in the market, thereafter, it would be surplus. That is as a result of different reason. But now this day, through technology, you can plant and harvest all year round, and a particular product can be made available throughout the year.


What is this technology? Is it no more the application of scientific knowledge to solve human problems and made life easier? The definition still validates the fact that, problems, or let’s call it challenges, would always surface, even if it is once in one’s life time. Our own responsibility is to solve them; we have been equipped to do so. God once had a problem! He looked for a way to solve it; the problem was solved once and forever. The humanity committed a grave sin, and the verdict was that they all have to end in their graves. They have to pay for the debt by death. God is a just God; He has nothing to do than to let the Law takes its course and effect, though it is not easy. Have you ever witnessed a judge presiding over the case of his son? This is not an easy task. How would a good father be looking at his children (billions of them) to die? He has to apply wisdom. He needs somebody to die on their behalf, though this is not practicable again, Jesus has gone to the Cross to die once, and that is all, everybody has to be responsible for his/her action this day.

He searched and researched the whole Heaven before He could find a sinless lamb, no angel could stand it, I imagine them saying one more time, “Why is God doing this for man?” The father has unconditional love for his children; therefore, it is normal for them to jealous. The angels were jealous of human beings because they know we don’t deserve the fair treatment we receive from God. The first son and the first born of the children of God agreed to die for all the other children. They thought he died in place of Barabbas only; not knowing he died because of the whole human race. What wisdom on the path of both the father and the son is this? For billions of people to die a cruel death, I think one is better. The human race needs to pay allegiance and obeisance for this forever.

What I want to bring out of the story is that there would always be a problem/challenge, even if it is once in a life time. There would always be a scarcity, famine, inflation, and recession, even if it is once in a life time. What we need to do is to prepare ahead. God used wisdom to solve what would have been a great loss forever. Israel used technology, which is scientific wisdom, to solve their soil infertility. They can plant anything in every season, and it would germinate, grow, and mature to harvesting. They can plant every day, at any time, in any season, whether there is drought or not, it doesn’t affect them.

When people were starving and dying of hunger, Joseph was enjoying the fullness of God. He always communed with God, and God had shown him what was about to happen, he prepared ahead to neutralize the negative effect of recession. He was even living better than when there was no recession. It was God’s revelation and wisdom that helped him out.

You have to jolt into reality. You can live far above inflation and recession. You can thrive in every season of life through wisdom by planning. You can live above every challenge of life. God once had a challenge, and He solved it.

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