Platforms to Publish and Sell Your Books

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  1. Amazon: It is one of the major retail outlets. The largest retailer on the surface of the earth. Amazon’s reading App, Kindle is also the most used eReader in the market. is an Online Shopping from the earth’s biggest selection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, etc. Some of the companies under the umbrella of Amazon are CreateSpace, KDP, and ACX. CreateSpace produces Print on Demand (POD) Books; KDP which means Kindle Direct Publishing produces eBooks that are read by Amazon App, Kindle or through any other means; while ACX which means Audio Creation ‘Xchange’ (Exchange) produces AudioBooks that can be sold on Amazon Stores, Audibles, and iTunes (owned by Apple).
  2. Kobo: Kobo is only second to Amazon. It has more than 5 million ebooks in stock. Kobo eReaders are countless using its free Kobo App.
  3. Apple iBooks: Apple’s iBooks is the premier eBook destination for iPad, iPhone, and iTouch owners in over 50 countries around the world. Apple leads the world in innovation with iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. iBook store is an App store. Apple tablet, iPAD, is the best tablet you can think of. Besides United States of America, it is the leading eBook retailer in many countries including Canada and Japan.
  4. Barnes & Noble: It is also one of the major retail outlets. It is the manufacturer of Nook, one of the best reading apps for eBooks. It is one of the biggest eBook retailers in Unites States. There are millions of Nook owners around the world. Hence, it is not bad if you have your books on Barnes & Noble. It also handles your print books.
  5. Google Play: Who does not know Google as the best search engine all around the world? You can sell your books on its digital distribution service, Google Play, which is an App Store.
  6. Bookbaby: This is a company for eBook publishing and distribution. It can be a channel to have your books sold on Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iPad, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and many more. It is based in Oregon, USA. It dealt with only eBooks formerly, but from 2015, you can add POD and global distribution to any printed book order.
  7. Smashwords: It publishes eBooks from independent authors and publishers. It is a very good platforms that distributes to the major retailers and libraries worldwide.
  8. Draft2Digital: It is an eBook aggregator. It publishes and distributes to your desire platforms.
  9. Scribd: This is a reading subscription that is available anytime and on any device. There are eBooks and Audiobooks subscription service. If you publish on some platforms, it’s going to be automatically available on Scribd.
  10. You can self-publish your print book on this platform. It publishes and also distributes.
  11. Baker & Taylor: It distributes books to more than 36,000 libraries, institutions, and retailers in more than 120 countries. It can help sell your printed books.
  12. Ingram: As the world’s largest distributor of books, Ingram can get your book into practically any store, making your book available for sale in over 39,000 online retailers. It can help sell your printed books.
  13. Books A Million: This is the second largest book retailer in the nation, and also sells on the internet at the company presently operates in over 250 stores in 31 states and the districts of Columbia. It can help sell your printed books.
  14. Powell’s: It is based in Oregon, Portland. Powell’s Books is the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world. It does not publish but sell books. It can help sell your printed books.

Note: CreateSpace categorizes: CreateSpace Direct, Baker & Taylor, and Ingram under Expanded Distribution.

Self publishing cannot replace traditional publishing, but it is climbing higher in the publishing industry day-by-day.

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