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Blogger pixYou need to help many thirsty souls out there, by making them have easy access to your writings.

Many bloggers call themselves authors, when I read their posts. Are their blogs published books? Our blogs are just bundles of published posts, most times, different topics here and there – just an organized diary. Organized pieces of information that may not be coherent!

Only few bloggers think of the end from the beginning: Those that have their blogs in form of memoirs; those that are episodic in nature; those that are fictional writers. They blog coherently, publishing their posts scene by scene, or chapter by chapter. They are blogging, having it in mind, they are going to publish the book one day. Some have enough award winning poetic thoughts on their blog, without doing anything about it. I read, and re-read many of them. Do you know the numbers of those people that are yet to read your blog are still many?


I understand you that you are not after money, fine! But many people have to benefits from your writings, how would they have access to it? As popular as your blog is, do you know that many bloggers have not even heard of it, not to talk of non-bloggers, and people that don’t have enough time for browsing and surfing the net? You have to help them, by taking all these quality and beneficial writings to them; and this can only be done by publishing your book.

Every adventure in life is tasking, so also is publishing, there are many steps ahead to undergo. If you want to publish your book, it will definitely be tasking; a lot of energy and money would be put into it; don’t mind that, just help people that need the information you are sharing, by helping them have access to it.

Your ‘published posts’ is not the same as published books. Your blog is not a book, though both are published, they are not the same:

  • All your published posts may not be coherent, while information in a book is coherent.
  • Books are first and fully edited before publishing while posts are not fully edited before publishing (they may be half-way edited).

You are not an author yet, though you are a writer, and of course a blogger, but you can easily graduate to become an author.

What You Need to Do to Become an Author

  1. Sit down and package your blog into a book: This is not because of money alone, but many people at one point or the other will need the information from your blog for the betterment of their lives.
  2. Publish it traditionally or online: Many bloggers know more than I do, when it comes to Online Publishing, but they are not taking action. You need to take action to help those that need the information you keep to your blog alone.

The Pointers to the Fact that You will be a Successful Author

  1. Some people spend more than five minutes on your blog.
  2. You have already undergone some parts of the process: editing, marketing, etc.
  3. You already have followers that receive your post every time you publish.
  4. The likes, comments, reblogs, pingbacks, etc. are telling you some other people need to read your blog.
  5. There are ardent followers that are waiting for your books.

Be tenacious in writing and posting everyday, and convert them to digital or print books!


© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi
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Author: Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

25 thoughts on “ARE BLOGGERS AUTHORS?

  1. Wow this is great! I have been thinking of putting all my works in a book…someday! But I was moved by your words that perhaps there are really people who will benefit more if I put it in a handy book, so that it will be more accessible.
    Thank you for this wonderful piece or writing. it made me think now of doing it soon!
    More power to you Pete and God Bless you more!

    1. I see a book reviewer as a senior author. You can easily write a book if you want to. Do you review free of charge or how? So that you can help me review my books? I can’t wait to hear from you. I even need you to educate me on how to have more reviewers for my books. Thanks.

      1. I am asked to review a lot of books. Most authors offer them free. I buy them anyway if the kindle version is resonably priced OR it’s my kind of book that I would not have known about. As a reviewer books you pay for and review are taken more seriously.
        NetGalley is a device publishers use. These books you always get free. Publishers choose you to review a book. I lost some ground when I left some of their books in my TBR pile because I got very involved in Mystery Thriller Week which was all about Indi’s.
        This was when I was told I should have a blog and still don’t really know what I’m doing. Prior I was Goodreads and Amazon.
        Most of my reviews are on Goodreads. I read all types of books. My favorite is true crime all tumes of horror, thriller and suspense. I will give you my Goodreads link if you can’t find me.
        All the books I’ve read there has only been 1 I gave up on. Excellent descriptive writer. I felt like I was there. After 200 pages nothing happened and it was a 2000 page book. I’m Susan May Randazzo’s Mayhem GanG’s moderator. I met her though a Goodreads group A Good Thriller where she was the featured author in the Fall of last year. Closed group. Susan May.
        This is how I got here. My husband and son get a kick out of what this has turned into. Both their mouths dropped when publicists and small publishing company’s approached me. Just more books for me to read that I would never have read. I just roll with it and enjoy it.
        Except for the blog that I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s up. The End. LOL.

  2. I like this Peter. Well thought out and great advice for those who want to be authors or want to publish their works. I hope to submit a short fiction story to a company that reviews and offers you feedback for free and if they think it is good enough, they will submit it.

    1. What I mean is if they like it then they will put in into a book of literary fiction short stories. Your story is one of many, but you are a published author. Not a bad way to start as then your name is in print. I have five short stories in the works.

  3. I think you make good points about the relationship between being a blogger and an author. My first novel was published March 30, 2017. I am unknown to the reading public. One of the reasons I write a blog is so that people can see the type of writer I am. Before I invest my time (and money) in a book by an author I don’t know, I always read their blogs, if they have them. I appreciate authors who maintain a blog.

  4. I was taking the comment course from WordPress and one of the assignments is to take a counter view. While I don’t feel like debating or getting on anyone’s bad side, I did have a question that came to mind when I read this piece (which is great) and I really, really want to know the answer.
    Blogging is definitely different than writing a book, unless you put your book on your blog. Short stories, poems are also on here; of which there are many authors.
    I could understand if the definition of an author is a “published writer”, as they have been distinguished for their writing in the form of publication.
    But with self publishing, any one can say their stuff is good enough, publish, and become an “author”.
    Contrary, there are bloggers who have gone through the painstaking hours and put together finished, edited novels, yet not been published. Do those bloggers not deserve the distinction of being called an author for completing their work.
    If the answer is yes for a person who writes a novel, than why not for a person who writes a short story or a poem, etc?
    If publishing makes the author and not makes the blogger, than anyone who wants to appoint themselves an author and self publish is one, yet can deny a working writer that distinction.
    Blogs about what’s up, traveling, makeup reviews, etc… I completely agree, but even then, is the writer of a magazine column an author?
    This is the conundrum I see in the author/writer/blogger discussion and I would love to know how you justify or make sense of these inconsistencies.
    Thank you kindly and respectfully!

    1. Completing your work is not the end. If the completed book is not in the hands of others, who will call you an author. You want to call yourself an author? If you do, who are those that would second, or “third” you? If you are a columnist, is the magazine, or newspaper your property. To be an author, a book at least has to be copyrighted in your name, either as an indie author or as a traditional author. Do you know many people are gurus like Professor Wole Soyinka, the noble laureate, yet we don’t know them, just because all their experiences and ideas are bottled inside their brain, sealed with their skull, and passworded with their sutures. Packaging! Package this knowledge and skills, and let them be published in your name for the benefits of humanity. In fact, this is what makes the difference between advanced Nations and Third World Countries. there are secrets in books, what is killing many African countries is dying with many secrets in their hearts. That is why cemeetries are richer than sanctuaries and our factories. Take a step and be an author today if you have something to give to the world. Thanks a lot for reading my post and this commenting question! Or is it a questioning comment?

      1. Incredible! Thank you so very much for replying. Your response was exquisitely written. Your initial words must have reminded me of something subconsciously, because instead of reading in my own voice, I heard Courtney B Vance giving a very logical and intellectual speech. Probably because I love his voice and logical way of speaking.
        Questions are real! So many people would have told me if I don’t like what they have to say, get off their page.
        I am appreciative beyond words for your thoughtful reply. Thank You!

        1. Thank you very much. If you are not ready to clarify readers’ doubts and questions; and you cannot welcome and see good things in their own perspectives, then why do you blog? Thanks once again for reading my post, and asking a question in order to ignite impacting conversation. Thanks.

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