MONEY DOUBLING SCHEME: Is It Possible to Double Your Money?

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This post attempts to answer many questions, among which are:

  • Is it possible to double your money or asset?
  • Who can be duped?
  • What do you do when you realized you are in the hand of schemers after you have entered into the deal

It may be against the law to fold paper money! But let’s assume you fold your money, what have you done? Haven’t you doubled it? Does it increase the value of the money? This is what you are doing when you are trying to double your money in a short period of time.

When you have entered into an unwholesome deal, it is not always easy to get out. That is why you need to think properly and also seek advice from the experts in that field before you enter a deal. Those that are being duped are not foolish; maybe at beginning of the whole thing, they were told not to tell anybody, hence, they were so greedy enough to swallow the information hook and sinker, and did not seek advice from anybody nor the experts. They just went blindly into the deal! As you are looking for a way out, you still find yourself going deeper. Let me illustrate what I’m saying with this scenario:


In a very serene natural environment, silence and freshness supersedes and swallow the noise and pollution from the nearby highway. A man came right from the hustling and bustling of the highway right into the woods, the comfort he experienced was far incomprehensible. In fact, the one provided by the arboriculture from the highway was actually crawling behind it. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable in life? Before he realized it, he was freed from the purveyors of violence, and he became a surveyor of silence. He continued to walk into the forest.

He was walking comfortably in the forest enjoying fresh air and fresh fruits on the way, unlike the polluted air and baked fruit at the highway. As he was going, he was being carried away by the comfortable experience of that area, and he did not notice he was entering a marshy area of the forest. Every forest has its marshy area! The colder soil he was treading before the marshy area proved to give more enjoyment and happiness. He was actually enjoying it, and he couldn’t explain how he entered into a mess. He was caught half-way to the waist in the swamp. All attempts he made to free himself, was taking him deeper into the swamp.

I think you know the end result, if the body should sink up to the neck, and the head followed suit? Yes of course, death is imminent!  That is why people who were duped by 419 (Advance Fraud) normally would want to commit suicide, their heads had been sunk into the swamp – they can no more see things the way it ought to be seen, and they cannot think straight. How will a normal human being think of going on suicidal mission? A mission that you undertake without coming back – A land of no return!

The experts make us to know that when you find yourself deeply sunk in a swamp, the best action to take is to be calm and relax. Any struggle to free yourself takes you deeper. Keep calm, stable, and relax until somebody comes around to help you.

In the same vein, when you find yourself in the hands of the schemers – the perpetrators of the money doubling scheme and the advance fraud –, you have already entered the deal before you know; the best thing to do is to opt out fast, and forgo all the money you have lost into their hands, any attempt to get your treasures (money) back will take more money out of your pocket. When that happens, it is an indication that your head is sinking, and if you are not careful, suicide will be the last resort.

When you come back to your senses, let the money you have lost go, don’t be attached. When a particular prodigal son came back into his senses, he let it go. He left and headed straight home for help. “I cannot help myself, I need someone to help me out.” He reiterated in his mind. And don’t be surprised, he got the help, when he sought for one.

With faith, God will definitely send a help on your way. Only those that let their heads sink when they are duped, are the ones that commit suicide and terminate their glorious destinies. Those that don’t let their heads sink, always step back on dry ground with their feet, and bounce back to life again

However, the best bet is to think before you enter any money doubling scheme, know that every promising business has risks attached. Any business that promises 40% upward is always very risky, it is not feasible at all; between 10% and 30% is okay, but you still have to tread gently in order not to get sunk in business swamp. Don’t put all your capital into a business at a go, you can use half first; and keep the remaining half for unforeseen contingencies. Whenever urgency is attached to a business, at a very high interest rate, run for your dear life

It is very possible to double your money and asset, but it takes time – a lot of waiting. Anybody that is not careful can be duped, therefore, don’t entrust your money into the hands of anybody – it is better to acquire assets with your money fast; the faster you can convert your money to assets, the better. And if you mistakenly enter the hands of these evildoers, no matter how far you have gone with them and the amount of money you have lost, come out fast, and forgo all that you have lost, and start your journey to wealth again. It is not how fast, but how well!

Don’t let suicide be the cusp of your carelessness in losing your money! Be the champion of your financial life.

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

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Author: Peter Adewumi

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