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symptom 2As I was thinking of hanging the sickle, as I was thinking of a rest. As I was consumed with power of self-imposed sickness, instead of that of vigor; I don’t know it was really the time for harvest – I don’t know the time for harvest is imminent!

I have put in a lot of writing this month, besides the daily prompt, I have some other writing engagements I am battling with. Is it bad to take a rest after a lot of industry? As I was ruminating on observing a week of rest, and resume writing and blogging in April, I was already sapped of all my strength and vigor as writing is concerned. I have already concluded that the only thing that can restore my vibrancy, vigor and strength is a little rest. How wrong am I?

Then, I checked my blog, and I saw a message that read: “Hi…I have nominated you. Please check…. Masarora has made my day by nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.


Symptom 1

Not only did she make me happy, but also restored my lost strength, vigor, vibrancy, and enthusiasm in writing.  The symptom disappears. I mean all the symptoms disappear. I never knew there are actions that can trigger human beings to top performance. There are actions that are really more effective than prescribed drugs. Even, when you are down, prescribed drugs may not be functional.  If drugs would work in our system, our inner man must wake up and be ready to be healed. Those words in the Masarora’s message had healed me. The testimonial is this write-up!

There are many lessons in this write-up:

(1) We should not relent in doing good;

(2) When the results are very close, that is when tiredness always set in;

(3) Words have healing power, whether spoken or written words; hence let us be careful how we weave our words together;

(4) It is always good to be a plus, not a minus, to somebody;

(5) Persistence pays, for people are really watching; no matter where you are, people are watching what you are doing.

(6) As it is in Heaven, it has come to be on earth, all our activities are no more hidden, even, if you are not blogging, our activities are no more hidden.

Thanks Masarora for making my day! All the symptoms of disgust for writing have disappeared. If I have my way, I would nominate: thenuttyblogger, Jeyran main, Orbis Marketing, beautybeyondbones, GBolabo Adetunji, Jay Colby, Pete, susiesopinions, Oristel, Mustafa Ghadiyali, stbarbebaker, exoticnita54, Pratapap, etc.

My list would be unending!


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Author: Peter Adewumi


  1. Congrats! I love how you changed your perspective through that encouragement of being nominated. It takes a lot of work to write.Give yourself permission to take the week off. We all need a vacation.

  2. Amazed….the way you have used the words to express your thoughts in this post. I am glad that you felt rejuvenated . I completely agree that words are so powerful that they have power of both healing and hurting ,so one use it carefully.

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