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Acceptance - I love mePeople’s acceptance  is good. But if you are waiting for that, you may not find any. The first acceptance you must first seek is self acceptance; seek you first self acceptance, and all other things will follow. Self acceptance is accepting yourself the way you are. That is the first thing, and then, if there is any area to work on, you can now gracefully carry out that. If you don’t accept yourself, it will show in your carriage, and this will offer you rejection instead of acceptance.

Of all the types of acceptance that exist, self acceptance is the most important. If you don’t accept yourself the way you really are, nobody will. It is when you first accept yourself that people can accept you. It is when you are visible to yourself; you can make yourself visible to others. If you don’t know what you carry, how will you show people who you are?

You don’t need to seek people’s acceptance, it is stressful and demanding, just focus on your God-given assignment and continue to work on yourself, that is when people can offer you an acceptance. Can you now see that self acceptance is the first of all types of acceptance?


Signs of Self Acceptance:

  1. Love yourself
  2. Belief in Yourself
  3. Respect Yourself: It is only when you respect yourself, you will be respected and finally accepted.
  4. Acceptance - I believe in me

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