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Minimal - Bug

Put in your minimal effort, don’t think it doesn’t count. In any place or group you find yourself, always make sure you contribute your own quota, no matter how small it seems. Your impact, no matter how small, needs to be felt; this can come to be through your minimal effort.

Most people are in the habit of not contributing their own quota, especially in a group. They would think because of the high number of people, that their own effort would not have impact. They would think only one person impact cannot make any difference; whereas, they are wrong. Can you remember this common story from a book: Where the 99th strike from the man demolished the rock. What about if the strike was not made, the rock would have remained standing. Can you see the result of the 99th strike, that can be likened to your so called minimal effort.

It may be in your personal work or group work, make sure you always do the little you can do at every point in time. If you are to write a post of 600 words. Just start with that one sentence, before you know, you have already written like 10 words. If you are to write a book, just start by writing the outlines. You would know the importance of an outline when you are stuck on the way. Kudos to WordPress for the Daily Prompt, just from one word a day, what I have achieved in about a month was not achieved, in the last five months. Just from one word! A minimal effort sometimes produces huge result!


Look at a bug or grasshopper, as small as they are, even when they are not in group, when only one of them feeds on leaf or grass, you will clearly see the impact of the biting from their little ‘teeth.’ Look at how small the Mustard seed is, very minute, so small that it can be ignored, especially if you don’t know what it is. That is how some of us ignored our minimal effort of advancement each day.

minimal mustard seed

The Mustard seed, above has been magnified, they are very tiny, but when they are not neglected and they are sown, they grow into a giant tree.

mInimal - Mustard Tree

The picture does not show the hugeness of a Mustard Tree very well. May be I should have used the picture of this Mahogany Tree below.

MInimal - Mahogany Tree

Generally small seeds produce big trees; and we all know the importance of trees. Without them, the world would come to an end in a moment. Don’t ignore the minimal effort in any endeavor, put it in, and it’s going to bring a huge reward!

Photo Credit: Pixabay
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