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If you are not known for anything, excellence is not in view. If you are not positively labeled, you cannot come to limelight.

Label 1 - PixabayWhat’s your label? What are you known for?

Google is known as a search engine. It’s labeled the first-biggest search engine.


WordPress is known for web hosting. It’s labeled the best free web hosting, if you are not yet ready for premium.

Youtube is known as the best search engine for video materials, though second-biggest search engine after Google.

Amazon is known for Online Publishing and Marketing. It’s labeled number one in US and some other countries.

Mailchimp is known for building E-mail Listing.

Gmail and Yahoomail are known for electronic mails.

Opera and Google Chrome are known for Web Browser. They are labeled as some of the best.

Talltweets is known for sending tweets longer than 140 characters,

Bitly and Goo.gl are known for shortening long URLs and convert URLs into QR codes, etc.

You have to be known for something, even if you are not one of the best yet, you just keep at it. You must not stop doing it; persevere until you are labeled one of the best.

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