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 There is a seed of greatness in you, which you need to sow, so that it can bring massive produce that will benefit God, yourself and the whole human race.

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The reason why many countries embrace industrialization is for the purpose of massive production. As an individual, if we really want to be profitable in life, and be impactful, we need to think of how we can massively produce what we are trading, that is, we have to think of how we can affect many people all over the world positively. We have to think of how we can put the concept of globalization to work; at least Internet has made it possible.

To be successful in any venture in life, that venture must be treated like a business. If it is not, it can never be a profitable venture. In an industry, all their efforts would not be profitable, if there is no massive production that that can actually bring profit. That is why when God created man (both male and female version), he blessed them to multiply and replenish the earth. That massive multiplication is massive production; multiplication brings increase geometrically. God’s and man’s profitability is in massive production by man. No wonder He put them in The Garden of Eden to tend it! In fact, our father hates redundancy, He wants us to be profitable until we treat every venture in a business manner, we cannot move forward.


He has embedded some gifts in us, and He wants us to trade with them, He wants us to do business with them so that the gifts can increase us geometrically. He gave those servants talents, and He asked them to go and massively multiplied it before His arrival. He loves massive production because He knows that this is what can really make us profitable and great in life. One hid his talent because he didn’t want to lose it, one gained a little, and one made a massive profit. Each of the three servants was blessed according to their gain. You have to use the gift God has endowed you with to make massive production in order to make a great profit.

Some people have the mentality that they are not endowed with any talent. It is a blatant lie from the bottom of hell. The seed of greatness is in you, what you need to do with it, is that you have to sow it, so that it can bring massive produce that will make you productive and profitable in life. The challenge that some people have is that they don’t know what they carry. That is why some people believe that, we have more riches in burial grounds than the richest countries of the world. There are more riches in cemeteries than sanctuaries. This is true because many had died without fulfilling what God has sent them to do on earth. They did not discover their destiny, as Bob Gass would say, before they died. They came, they saw, but they did not conquer.

An author related a story that when Paul got to heaven, he asked the angel, “Who was the General of all time?” The angel replied by pointing to a man very close to them. Paul was taken aback, and said, “That man was an ordinary laborer on earth.” The angel said, “If he had been a General, he would have been the greatest General of all time.”

Refuse to die until you fulfill destiny! Refuse to die until you discover yourself! Refuse to die until you live purposefully and massively profitable! Discover who you really are, and impact this world before you leave. Leave an indelible mark of positive impact before you go. This can only be achieved by discovering the seed of greatness in you, while you sow it, so that it can bring massive produce and profit that will benefit God, yourself, and the whole human race.

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