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To be successful in your profession/career, your business, your marital life and your Christian journey in life, you have to immerse your whole self: Body, soul and spirit. In anything you want to succeed in, you have to immerse your whole self – giving it your whole self. Giving it your whole self means you give it all it takes – the whole of your time, the whole of your talent and the whole of your being. A wise man says, “Anything that is not worth dying for, is not worth living for.”

Immersing yourself in what you do is all about dedication – giving it all it takes. Have a view of an expert swimmer for instance, when he/she is swimming, and he/she just decides to immerse the whole body into the pool, and let’s say it takes him/her for about five minutes before he/she brings his/her head up. Do you think it is easy? A lot of training has gone forth, and at the spot, it takes dedication and endurance to do that.

Let’s explore how we can immerse ourselves in these four important areas in order to be successful in life:


(1) Your Career/Profession and Business: You have to immerse yourself in your profession and business; you have to give it all that it takes to be successful there. Time management and professional development are important required factors. You wake up early to plan your work for the day. You get to your place of work earlier, not because you are competing with anybody, but to spend the day without stress. I bet it with you, if you are late to work, you won’t have rest throughout that day. Time management is very important; in fact, for practical realization of time management in order to make it to work earlier, you can deliberately add five or ten minutes to your wrist watch. I added ten minutes to mine, even the timing on our laptops, and it has been helping us. To be successful in your career and business, you have to totally immerse yourself – giving it all it takes by proper time management and professional development.

(2) Your Marital Life: To be successful in your marital life, you have to immerse yourself body, soul and spirit. Physically, you have to be fully engaged – buy things for him/her if need calls for it. Show love to your spouse and any other member of the family. You also have to always engage your soul, think of how you can better the lot of your marriage, and put the ideas you come about to work. Then, we should not neglect the spiritual aspect. If a man/woman is to be successful in anything, including his/her marriage, his/her whole being – I mean his/her tripartite being: body, soul and spirit must be immersed. Our marriage, for instance, will be ten this year, and God has been helping us. It is not by power, nor by might, but by the Spirit of the Lord; yet we have to do our own part.

(3) Your Christian Journey: To make it successfully in our Christian journey, we have to fully immerse ourselves in spiritual activities. Everything God told us to do and not to do must be observed. Everything! It is for our own good, it is not to punish us, but to lift us, so that we can make it to the end of the race. You know Christian journey is a race, and an athlete has to be disciplined before he/she can become a winner.

(4) Your Financial Life: All success hinges on financial success on the surface of the earth whether you believe it or not. If you are claiming you are successful in all other areas that have been mentioned above, people of the world would not believe, they want to see signs. Here on earth, money is one of the cardinal gauges to measure success.  So, if you want to have financial success, you have to possess financial knowledge; though you may not be an accountant, but you have to immerse yourself in financial literacy, and learn a little of accounting. Learn about assets, and learn about liabilities. Financial literacy may not be taught in school, but you have to give it all it takes by immersing yourself in its learning by self development.

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