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Record keeping is very important. There are many things you need to keep a record of if you want to solidify your success in life. They are financial record, a list of daily assignments, record of all your receipts, present values of your properties, records of good deeds to you, record of your little achievement, and record of your working experience among many.

(1) Your Financial Record – Record of your monthly expenses has to be kept by you. The money you spend on making phone calls, the money you spend on transport, monthly rent, etc., even if you have paid it yearly. The reason is because when you know your monthly expenses, and you deduct it from your monthly income, in order to know how much you have for saving. So that if the money left is not up to the percentage you ought to save, then, you have to adjust your monthly expense. It is not how much your income is that really matters, but how much you have left to save after you pay your tithe and your debt (if there is any). Track your monthly expense, by recording what you buy and the amount, immediately you make a purchase. Have a book or diary for that.

(2) Record of Daily Assignments: It is better to have the daily duties written down in their level of importance. The reason for this is that, if the assignments for the day are not written down, you will not know what to do, when other duties unplanned for rise up. You must have your work schedule for the day. It is really helpful in order to finish your tasks on time. It also helps you to track your productivity for the day, because you will have a list to check your achievement for the day against.


(3) Record of All Your Receipts: If you ask some people to bring some receipts of some of their properties, they would not be able to tell exactly where they are. It is not supposed to be so. You have to keep the record of your properties, and this can be done by keeping their receipts. The law enforcement agency counts it to be that any property without a receipt is stolen, which means you are not the owner. You must be able to show the receipt of any property with immediate effect if you are asked to show it. The receipts make you to know your total worth at every point in time taking the exchange rate into consideration.

(4) Record of All Your Properties against the Present Value: This is different from the record of your receipts. To know the present value of your properties, neglecting depreciation, you know the exchange rate when you purchased those items. Is the exchange rate the same now? If the exchange rate is the same, you have no qualm, the records of your receipts will do the job; but if the exchange rate is different, then you need the present value.

(5) Record of Good Deeds to You: Many people keep the record of evils people do to them in their hearts. Some go to the extent of writing them down. What you are doing is that you are imprisoning yourself. That is why it is not easy for some couples to easily come together after a disagreement, just because they have not erased the evil deeds written in their hearts. Or maybe, they have not torn the book where they have written the wrongs their partners did to them. There was a king that wrote the good deed somebody did to him. When he was troubled by God, he quickly went to carry the Book of Chronicles. Had it been he had not written the good deed down, he would have died ignorantly.

(6) Record of Your Little Achievement: The small progress you made has to be recorded. The purpose of this is to serve as a springboard to greater achievement. If you record the little progress you made, it will give you the confidence to get more done. There is nothing bad in little progress.  With one step at a time, a great distance can be covered. It is when you don’t move at all that is dangerous. How much do you think one dollar (or in your own currency) a day will amount to in one year? You can do the calculation. The amount may look small, but if nothing is saved, the amount will be nothing. Celebrate the little progress you make and have it recorded.

(7) Record of Your Working Experience: It is very important you keep the record of your working experience intact; you don’t need to be stressing your brain when you are asked. They have to be written down against their dates. There must be as many as files as possible in your custody, including the file for your record of working experience.

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