Bosses Hate Mmumuration

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Bosses love such people who can voice out the contents of their heart, but with wisdom.

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Murmuration is a bad habit. It is disturbing. Had flies and bees disturb you before with their humming sound? It is disgusting. It is better to voice out rather than making a sound of murmuring. If you murmur what you are indirectly doing is that you are putting your superior in suspense. Do you murmur against your subordinates? No! That is to tell you that, this act is always carried out against one’s superior, and the result is always a doom for the perpetrator of such act.

You have to be outspoken in life, for you to get what you really want in life, though there is always a time to keep mum. Which means it is better to speak out or keep mum than to murmur. Murmuration is sitting on the fence, and it is always dangerous to do that. You are always at a disadvantage when you are on the fence. Let’s say for instance somebody is pursuing you from one side of the fence, the best decision is to wait and face the person, in order to fight for your freedom ; or if it looks as if the person can overpower you, the best decision would be to climb the fence, and run for your dear life in order to escape from danger. Sitting on the fence would be dangerous. You can easily be attacked up there, and that is deadly.


Murmuration against your boss or superior in any situation is like sitting on the fence. You don’t keep quiet and you don’t speak out. The man/woman cannot decipher what you are saying, you are becoming a nuisance! It is better you keep quiet and excuse yourself to leave that uncomfortable zone or you speak out in boldness. Bosses love such people who can voice out the contents of their heart, but with wisdom. Or you keep quiet all through. That second option is better. You keep quiet at the moment and come back to say your own side of the story. “You obey before you make a complaint.”

There is an African story that validates that, keeping quiet is the best of the three: Murmuration, Voicing out, and Keeping quiet, in the presence of your superior. It was a story of a hen, a duck, and an eagle. You know the eagles, they are carnivorous birds. One day, the eagle was hungry, and as it was going in search for what it would eat, it saw a duckling, and with a jet-speed, it dived, pinned and carried the duckling with its claws. The duck, which is the mother of the duckling, kept mum, it did not take any action. The eagle thought within itself that, “it would be better I release the duckling because I don’t know what its mother could do.” It then released the duckling, and away it flew. As it continued flying, you know the eagles have sharp vision, it sighted a chick from above, it dived one more time, pinned it, and carried the chick with its claws. The hen that couldn’t fly as the duck, started flying and falling down. The eagle thought within itself, “that was all it could do.” It went with the chicken and feasted on it.

Can you see the difference in the action of the hen and the duck? If the duck had run after the eagle, it would have caught up with it, but it decided to keep calm and quiet, and this paid off. Our bosses hate murmuration against their decision, if you are to voice out, it shouldn’t be at that spot and moment. Learn from the action of the hen!

The Israelites did carry out the act of murmuration against their God, and they were destroyed. If you want to gain promotion and move forward anywhere you find yourself in life, detest murmuration with all your strength. Shalom!

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