It is High Time You Made Yourself Abstract

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In this post, in response to Today’s Daily Prompt: Abstract, I will love to use the word, ‘Abstract’ as to mean: being emotionally detached or distanced from something (Encarta Dictionary, 2009).

They curdled us, took care of us; they are invaluable gold and priceless jewels. We stayed in their bellies for food, heat, and all sort of provisions for months, that seems like years in their eyes. We were breastfed by them, times without number, even at times not convenient. Mothers are invaluable gold indeed!

They are our mirrors with which we formed our self-images before we really know who we are. We referenced our lives to them. I am talking of the fathers here. Permit me to cite this instance in support of this last statement; I have observed our two boys many times arguing, one would say, “I look like my daddy,” the other would also say, “I look like my daddy.” Can you see that fathers are mirror indeed? Invaluable ones of course!


The importance of parenting can never be overemphasized. Kudos to both our mothers and fathers for good job they are doing. But there is a particular time we have to make ourselves abstract from them. Please, don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying we should not perform our duties and carry out our responsibilities concerning our parents as their children. Even, if you are sixty, so far you still have parents; you are still children to your parents. I am not being rude, please, pardon me! You will see that if you go visiting with your children, they will still treat you as their children, and their grand-children, I mean your children, as your siblings. How do I know that? They will refer to you as, “my son” or “my daughter”, and your children as, “my children.”

That is not where I am going today. I really want to speak to the youths. Some of us behave childishly, not childlike, and this is really affecting the development of our nation. I am sorry if I’m been harsh. We have to be abstract when it comes to our parents – let us be emotionally detached! There are decisions we need to take without them, though, we may still seek for their advice, but the process of the decision-making must be solely from us. The youths have to wake up! Sincerely speaking, this is going to be difficult a task, but it is high time we took the decision!

This same phenomenon has crept into our politics. It has taken a foothold in the governance of our nation. It has become a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabrics of our nation’s progress. The king may seek advice from the king makers, there is no problem, but he must be solely responsible for the final decision; the husband may seek for advice anywhere he likes, but he must be solely responsible for decision making, so that no matter the outcome, he should be able to take responsibility for his actions and face the consequence.

We need to be emotionally detached and distance ourselves at a particular time from some people and things: when the child comes of age, there is always a need for emotional detachment, if not it would affect his/her performance in school; when the king has been crowned, he needs to make himself abstract from the king makers; when the president has been sworn in, he/she needs to be abstract from the godfathers; when a man has married, he needs to make himself abstract from the parents.

Never the less, do not forget you owe them some responsibilities!

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  1. What a really neat concept! Thank you for writing this. Very thought-provoking (my favorite)! 😊😊
    Cheers! ❤️
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