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Why are you so nervous? You have to take it easy in life, whatever it may be. Many people are nervous about many things, ranging from their present needs to what would happen tomorrow. Why can’t you deal with them one at a time? It would be better if you can live one day at a time. Don’t kill yourself with nervousness, stop being dreadful about everything. Why do you have fear for everything? May be your first name should be changed to ‘Phobia.’ Robert Schuller said, “Life by yard is hard; life by the inch is a cinch.” The main reason why you are nervous is because you want to live all the days of your life in one day, and this is not possible! Plan for tomorrow but live one day at a time. That is how you can have rest of mind. Don’t kill yourself because of tomorrow, tomorrow would take care of itself.

Some people are so nervous of everything – especially death – that they would have died before death knocks. Fear of death kills more people than death itself. For instance, there was a ghastly motor accident some years back. It was an 18-passanger bus. Everyone in that car died, except two – the driver and a baby. A post-mortem was carried out on all those that had died. You will be surprised by the outcome of the test. Only one was killed by the motor accident, the remaining fifteen were killed by heart attack. If you would permit me to put it like this: only one was killed by death, and the remaining fifteen were killed by the fear of death. They were so nervous, that they got themselves killed. The death was suicidal in nature, because of uneasiness, anxiety and nervousness.

Many people, when they find themselves in a particular problem. Instead of settling their minds to look for solution; nervousness would have sapped them of sanity, and the next thing is to be thinking of killing themselves – committing suicide. I term challenges of life “Wilderness experience” in one of my books. Everyone would pass through a wilderness in his journey to the ‘Promise Land.’ God deliberately took them through the wilderness for a purpose, so that they would not turn back to go back to Egypt, God had already searched and seen their heart; they made mention of it, they told Moses that he should have left them to allow them to continue eating their Cucumber and some of other fruits, “Suffering and Smiling” as Fela – a late Nigerian popular musician would say. There was a ‘short cut’ through a particular country to Canaan Land, since they passed through the Red Sea to get to the Wilderness, they couldn’t go back, if it would have been that, they passed through that ‘short cut’, they would have turned back to Egypt without telling their leader, Moses.


God hates tyranny; that is why God was speaking through Moses to Pharaoh, using Aaron. Wole Soyinka – the Noble Laureate said, “The man dies in him, who keeps quiet in the face of tyranny.” Hence, he did not want the Israelites to go back to Egypt, it was too much of that particular Pharaoh – the king of Egypt. And here they are, many of them were nervous about what they would eat, what they would drink, what they would wear, and their tomorrow; and they killed themselves in the wilderness. It was fear of death, through nervousness, that killed those Israelites that died in the wilderness. Nervousness kills in the wilderness of life! Were those ten spies not anxious when they were asked to go and observe the land? They altered negative report – what they ought not to do – because they were anxious, and they never got to promise land.

Any time you find yourself in the wilderness of life, don’t wish yourself death by being anxious. When Elijah found himself in the wilderness of his own life, he wished he died, that is the result of being nervous. Our perfect example, Jesus, also passed through his own wilderness. Though the devil wished him death, but he did not wish himself death. He was not nervous about what he would eat; had he been he did, he would have turned the stone to bread. And that would have spelt doom for him. Do not be anxious about anything to avert death, and in order to have long life, along with the blessings that God has prepared for you after the wilderness experience. Peace!

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Author: Peter Adewumi


  1. I always cram with almost all of my submissions. But the times I spent procrastinating is my kind of relaxation method. Anyway, I start panic attacks if the due time is getting near like I have 24 hours or less to do so. 😂😂😂😂

    1. That is why PROCRASTINATION is bad. Planning, preparation, and committing things into God’s hands can help. Do have a nice day! Thanks for the time spent on this blog. Peace!

  2. Peter, you are doing well. Your writing is so catchy and they all flow wonderfully. While I was reading, I noticed some lines that were strong. All were, but those lines were my favorite.
    “Life by yard is hard; life by the inch is a cinch.” The main reason why you are nervous is because you want to live all the days of your life in one day, and this is not possible! Anytime you find yourself in the wilderness of life”
    Keep writing!

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