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If we are our normal self in the face of any challenge, and we can ruminate over the matter, we would know that the first person to consult is God.

What you need to do is to ruminate over it! There would forever be challenges of life; but when there are challenges steering you at the face, what you need to do is to ruminate over it, and the solution will show forth. Many people see challenges as abnormal; they don’t know it is an opportunity, wrapped up as problems, to catapult us to greatness. Will a good student say he hates examinations? If he does, then we can conclude that he hates promotion. If in an examination, a particular question is tasking and very difficult, what does a student need to do? Is it not to settle down and ruminate – have a deep thinking – and re-think until the solution shows forth.

The same thing is applicable to challenges of life. The challenge of life is constant; you cannot run away from it, everyone of us will face our own. The only mistake we make when we are faced with one challenge or the other is that we channeled our thinking in a wrong direction, instead of thinking carefully and at length about the challenge and the way out. You have to think correctly. You don’t start crying in the face of challenges, you don’t start complaining. Crying, complaining and all sorts will not allow you to know the step to take to come out of the uncomfortable situation. Crying and complaining will only point to suicidal mission.


The first step to take is to ruminate over the matter, carry out a thorough thinking. Think through over the matter until the solution shows forth. One wise man said, “Life is a difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.” You don’t compare yourself to others when there is a challenge. The level you are determines how difficult your examination will be. The level you are will determine how thorough your thinking will be to be able to come up with answers to your problems. I have never seen a mathematical challenge that has no answer. No matter how difficult it seems, there is an answer, whether you have gotten it or not. Settle your brain and ruminate on what method to use.  If you can ask yourself, “what formula would I apply?” As you are ruminating – brainstorming – here and there, the solution will show forth.

There are some questions yet unsolved in Mathematics, hope was not lost on them, they were kept somewhere, and Mathematicians are still ruminating on how to solve them. You do not lose hope on any condition; you continue to look for solution until you find one. That was the mistake Job did in those days, he thought that the kind of challenge he was facing had never happen to anyone before, he had forgotten that his spiritual level and his wealth surpassed that of others in his country. What did he expect? Had he it been he had put his brain to work and ruminate over the matter; the solution would have come earlier. All he needed to solve the problem he was facing was already at his disposal, but complaining to, and questioning God had blindfolded him.

If he had given the challenge a deep thought by ruminating over it, he would have known the first step to take is to go to God, his father. If we are our normal self in the face of any challenge, and we can ruminate over the matter, we would know that the first person to consult is God. Then, he can direct us on what to do: whether to go and meet the men He has prepared to help us, or do it ourselves.

Don’t be blindfolded with complaining and crying that may lead you to suicidal mission, ruminate over the challenge, and the way forward will show forth. Peace!

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