Who Can Dare the Swarm of Bees?

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You can be great without others, but if you want to be very great in life, you need others!


Who can dare the swarm of bees? This caption connotes teamwork. Bees work together to achieve much. Each one of them is very small, but when they pull their efforts together, we all know the results. Is there somebody that doesn’t know the importance of honey, its medicinal values among others? It can only be produced in large, economic and valuable quantity only if the bees move in a swarm to do the work. One bee can easily be killed, but a swarm of bees no one can dare! Nobody can stand when snakes are moving in a group (African Proverb).

Team efforts always produce tangible results. There is a chart hung on the wall of one of the classrooms in the school I work, it reads:


T – Together
E – Each of us
A – Achieves
M – Much

No matter what you achieve individually, if you put the same effort in a team, the result will be more than double your individual achievement. It is together, one can really achieve much. You need others in your life! You are not All-in-all, only God is indispensable!

Gnats can only achieve much, when they move together; bees can only achieve much when they do it together; ants can only build their house, when they work together; so also termites, they can build their duplex when they build it together in one voice. They could not continue to build the Tower of Babel, when their misunderstanding led to disunity. They were no more moving together as a team. The advantage in a team is that your weakness will be covered up; where you are deficient, you will see somebody that is very good at that; and where some others are deficient, you or any other member will be good at that. Your area of weakness would be somebody else’s area of strength.

That is why solo effort needs to be corroborated sometimes; and this can only be done in a team or group. Let us have a glimpse into the game of Football or any other team game. There is a particular position where each player can perform the best. Put the player in another position on the field of play, and you will see that he/she would not perform up to his/her best, the performance would not match up to the expectation. Also, if a player is red-carded in a game of Football, it is rear to see such team winning. It is one out of a hundred, if at all, there is going to be a winning by the less-one team. That is why in a team, it is advisable, you make sure you contribute your own quota, if you don’t, though they may not notice, it will affect the result negatively.

In the school where I work, we are currently undergoing training in Professional Development of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE); and one of the major take-away in the training is Group Collaboration, though assigned duties and tasks are given to individuals. This is to inculcate in us the fact that, there are sometimes you will need others; you don’t hesitate to do that. There is nothing wrong. Experts see you as a strong man, when you need help, and you ask for one!

If you have really observed a bee that mistakenly gets lost from the swarm, you will see that it would lose its focus. It would not know what next to do, and it would end in the hands of some human beings that would make minced meat out of it. You can be great without others, but if you want to be very great in life, you need others!

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