Open Your Eyes Vividly: There Are Opportunities Where You Are

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There are opportunities everywhere, if only you can open your eyes to see. If you take a look the first time, and you can not see anything, take a look the second time, a second look always gives a vivid clarity. When you look the first time, and you don’t see anything, there is no problem; take a look the second time, and re-focus your organ of sight, definitely, you will be able to see.

For instance, if you just wake up from your sleep, you will see that, you will not be able to see things clearly, but as you re-focus, things begin to take shape and you will see well. In the same vein, if you believe there is no opportunity where you are, you are still sleeping, you have not woken up; but as you come to your senses that you can be prosperous anywhere, then you begin to see. You may see few opportunities at the beginning, but as you take the second look, you will see that there are countless opportunities right where you are. For you to know that I know what I am saying, let me ask you a question, “Are there not billionaires and millionaires where you are?” How do those ones become rich and wealthy? Was it not through opportunities? Opportunities are everywhere, but it takes only those that can vividly take a look and see, to behold those opportunities.

I f you don’t make it where you are, the probability is very slim that you will make it in United Kingdom, United States of America, China and all other great countries of the world (I tender my apology, if your country is not mentioned). Dr David Oyedepo said that, “A lizard in Nigeria can never become a crocodile in America.” I totally agree with him. What will make you to succeed is in you, it is not in any other country. Stop all unhealthy searches for visas to some countries of the world, right where you are, the visa to your inner self is what you need. A wise man said, “Know yourself,” after you know God, the next person you need to know is your own self. The first opportunity in life is to find and know yourself, look vividly to your own picture, and know who you are, that is when you can really make it in life.


A man was succeeding as a foreigner in a particular country, and whenever he traveled back home to go and pay a visit, they would envy him. They were so jealous that they were planning a ‘coup’ for him. One day, as he traveled home, they took what stood as his passport, which had already being stamped for his return; those friends of his picked the most intelligent among them to go on their behalf, so that they could share whatever he came back with. They left the owner of the passport helpless. He gathered and pulled himself together, and started from the scratch again. “If you have passed through an unknown road before, leaving a trail behind, you shall definitely make it one more time, this man that had been battered and bespattered, started making it again. The law of little beginning! That is why the self-made millionaires never go down the drain. They have known the rules, and as far as you don’t break the rules of the game, you keep winning. He started making it and he became very great again.

When the thief that represented the gang came back home, he came the same way he left. He came back with nothing. It is not changing of location you need, though you may need it sometimes, but you are supposed to have been making it, it is a change of mentality. Change your mentality, thinking, and the way you see things. Search where you are, and research, and you will see vividly many opportunities that are lying dormant untapped right in front of you.

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Author: Peter Adewumi

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  1. This post reminds of the importance of understanding the difference between being an “entrepreneur” and “unemployed” is your vision. Having a great story that others believe will separate you from others . The truth is that we are in control of our lives and cannot blame others for our faults. Very motivating post.

  2. Just heard a message in my church this morning about not giving up and inspiring others. You have inspired me to look for opportunities where I am instead of wanting what others have. Thank you!

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