Parlay Your God-given Gifts into Greatness

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In this context, I am going to use parlay as to mean: to make good use of an asset or advantage to obtain success (Encarta Dictionary, 2009).  “What is in your hand is not dust but husk, look for seed in it to sow, and you will have a bumper harvest” (Quote 8 of 62). This quote of mine, sincerely speaking, is vividly explaining what it means to parlay something.

Many a time, we do not value what we have, but if some other people possess the same, we will be celebrating them. The reason we do celebrate them is because, they recognized the gifts in their lives, and they made use of it. It is only what you make use of that brings results. For instance, when people have broken bones, and the part of the body was hung for a long time, you will see that when they want to start using that part of the body, it would not perform maximally; just because it was long it has been used.

Many do not recognize God’s gifts in their lives, those that do, don’t use theirs; the gifts are just lying dormant. You have to use your gifts profitably for you to be great in life. Parlay your God-given gifts! Make use of what God has endowed you with to be great in life. The gifts of a man make him to stand before kings and not mean men (The Bible).  You have to parlay the God-given gifts within you into stepping stones that lead to your greatness in life. The first place to check for solution when you are challenged is within you. Some people run helter-skelter in search of solution to their problems, and in the cause of doing that, the problems begin to aggravate. You have been endowed with great gifts to face all challenges of life. Those that run to people to be great in life do not know what they carry. Though, People are placed on our way to help us to get to our destination on time, but much more are the giants placed within us, to make us very great in life. What we need to do is to recognize the giants within us and wake them up from slumber, and charge them to help us reach where we are supposed to be in life.


There is nothing enemy without can do, if we can conquer the enemy within. The damages we do to ourselves are enormous when we don’t parlay the gifts in us into a profitable venture. Some would put the blame of their failure on the government of their country, some on their parents, some on the course they did in school, and so on and so forth. The country you were born into, your background, your profession, etc. do not really matters, only if you can harness the gifts you are endowed with, and channeled them into a profitable use that can make you great, and be searched for. If you can do this, you will not be looking up and down for success, it is success that will be looking for you. Was it not Queen Sheba that was looking for King Solomon? Did she come alone? She came with gold and riches to tap into what the King carried.

Everyone on the surface of the earth is a king, you have royal blood running within you, recognize who you are, and make use of it, many in this world are parlaying their family connection into greatness. Know who you are, as a king, and claim your territory. There is a territory that belongs to you, there is no need for bitter competition. When you know who you are, and you claim what belong to you, nobody would contest it with you. The reason you are struggling may be because, you have not recognized your niche. Parlay your God-given gifts, and channeled them into right course that will make you great in life.

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