Beware of Doubt! It is a Killer of Destiny

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Doubting God’s word and yourself (Self-doubt) is bad, it is a disease that needs to be cured fast. If not, it is going to destroy and kill. I am not talking about physical death, but death that is more dangerous and deadlier. Doubt is a killer of destiny!

For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be you removed, and be you cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he said shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he said (Mark 11:23).

You don’t doubt whatever God has said. Doubt is the opposite of faith; and when you doubt God, as mighty as God is; you have incapacitated Him concerning your matter. When you accommodate doubt in your heart, what sets in is fear, and fear is the opposite of faith. God is faith in action, and most time, He requires faith from you before He can take action on your matter. When you give place to doubt, it invites his friend fear, and they displace faith from your heart.


When God speaks, it always comes to pass. Though, in the beginning, you may have unpalatable experience. The reason it is always like that is because the devil and his cohorts are evil, they don’t like anything good; and all that God created, including man, is good. Therefore, what do you expect? They will definitely wage war against God’s declaration about you, and do you know what? All that God has said about you is good, He has said, He is going to give you an expected end. Hence, when things go contrary to what God has said about you; don’t doubt Him, it is the devil at work. What he wants to do is to work on your heart to think the contrary, and if you do, he has caught you. You have to think to grow rich (Napoleon Hill), don’t accommodate negative thoughts, if you do, that is doubt, and it is stronger than any other rope that you can think of, in tying down your destiny.

Abraham did not doubt God upon all that he passed through. God had promised him that they (Abraham and his wife, Sarah) were going to have a son, and he is going to be the father of the whole earth. He was about to be a hundred years old, the promise looked bleak, yet he did not doubt God. God loves such heart, He had seen the intents of his heart, that he did not doubt what He had said, hence, He (God) showed up on his matter, and he was blessed, the promise of what God had said came to pass. Even before Isaac got to Rehoboth, he passed through hell. Is hell located on the way to Rehoboth? Well, it was not named Rehoboth before; it was the man, Isaac that named it. You don’t doubt God, even when things are going contrary. Jesus told them, “If you believe, you shall the glory of God.” “If you don’t doubt what I can do, if you don’t doubt my capacity, you shall see God’s move in your life.”

Joshua and Caleb did not doubt God; the other ten did, when they saw the giants (the descendants of the Anak), they changed their thoughts, they were seeing themselves as grasshoppers, and you should know that it is easy to kill grasshoppers; even with their legs, children can trample grasshoppers to death, in fact, that is the reason they died cheaply in the hands of the enemies. Joshua and Caleb that did not doubt what God had said compared these giants (7-feet men) to their God, and they saw them as grasshoppers beside God. That was the mentality David carried when he killed Goliath of Gath. And when he shared the testimony to some other Israelites, they did not doubt him, and they went ahead in God’s might to kill more giants.

The most important thing is that a man of faith and that of doubt can quickly be known by what come out of their mouths, because out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. You cannot be saying negative things, and tell us you are not in doubt. To validate you are not in doubt, your words must tally with God’s. The devil cannot do anything to you without your permission, and one of the instruments he uses is doubt. Therefore beware of doubt, especially doubting God’s word and yourself (Self-doubt). It is a killer of destiny!

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