Hesitation Wastes Time

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Once upon a time, there was a father and a mother that had two sons. The two sons were twins, for they were put to bed the same day. They are identical twins. You should understand, that they were formed from the same ovum, only one egg that divided into two, due to some factors, the medical doctors know better. I do know this – If identical twins are of the same sex, it therefore means, they were formed from only one ovum (egg), not two ova. That fact is no more a news, it is already established. As identical as these two boys were, they were word and opposite, when it comes to behaviour.

It was a surprise to their parents and everyone in their neighbourhood and around them. One was merciful, the other one was wicked; one was considerable, the second one was selfish; one was taciturn, the other one was loquacious; on and on, and on. If their parents sent them on an errand, the first one would go without querying their parents, while the second one would query their parents before he left for such a place. He would hesitate before he did the right thing. “Hesitation is a time waster”, their parents would tell him, and he would not listen. There was a day they were sent to buy what they would eat, immediately the first boy left, bought his food, ate and slept. The second one was still hesitating and deliberating on what to eat; he did not want to eat what he was told to buy. As he was hesitating, he finally left home for the place. By the time he would get there, they had already packed, he cried that night, and he went on hunger strike for about eight hours, he couldn’t have a sound sleep. Hunger prevents sleep! That was when they were teenagers. The parents tried to change and remould him, but all to no avail.

An incidence finally occurred that taught him the lesson of his life, when they were about to get admission into a higher institution. Both of them proposed to do Medicine, but by the time their results were out, the first one passed with the required marks to do Medicine; while the second one passed, but not with the required score for the course. The first one got admission into the university and started his career as a medical student. The second one was advised to change his course, since he qualified for another course, he hesitated, and he said he would not go for any other course, except Medicine. As if it was a curse, the same thing kept happening to him every year, and before he knew, his brother was already an intern in a particular hospital.  God would not come down to come and speak to us, He speaks through situations. Is it compulsory that twins should do the same course? So far they came the same day does not mean they have the same destiny. Whether we know or not there are people that were given birth to, the same day, and almost the same time we were born. Did we do the same course with them? Did we even know them?


It was too late; he didn’t know what step to take. That is what hesitation does to us. It wastes our time. If we ruminate too much on a particular matter, the probability of taking a correct decision is always slim. Evangeline Wilkes said and I quote, “On the sand of hesitation, lay the bones of countless millions, who at the dawn of victory, sat down to wait and waiting, died!”

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