Some Decisions Cannot be Postponed

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DecisionIn life, there are some decisions that cannot be postponed, there are some decisions that need to be quickened. Those four lepers at the gate of Samaria needed to take a decision, and it was a decision that needs to be taken fast. There was no time waste, any attempt for them to waste time depicts death. If they tried to dwell at the valley of decision, with indecision, it is dangerous and risky. As we know, a valley is the opposite of a mountain; if you are on the mountain, you will be conspicuous to almost everybody, that means if you need help, there may be one. However, in a valley, people may not be able to see you, if at all, you are seen, it is going to be few people, that means the probability of getting help compared to someone on the mountain is lower. The valley of decision is not a good place to dwell at all.

Those four lepers need to take a decision that urgency was attached. If they did not take the decision, and they tried to stand in one place, the result would be death. But if they took the decision, they would either die or alive. Therefore, they needed to quicken their thinking, reasoning, and conversation in order to take a correct decision. They took the decision and they were saved. Their city was besieged, they could not go in because, there was hunger inside, no food, if they went inside they would die of hunger, another option is for them to stay where they were, but if they did, they would die, the last option is for them to leave where they were, and left for the camp of the enemy, the result of that decision would have been that, they would either die or the enemy would have mercy on them. This was not an easy decision to take, and it needed to be quickened, it had to be taken in the twinkle of an eye. They took the last option, and alas, because of taken that decision without wasting time. God was there before them. They met nobody in the camp, you will be surprised what they met, a lot of food in surplus.

There are decisions that we need to take very fast in life, and it has to be quickened. Not taken it is more riskier. We just need to depend on God and quicken our reasoning to take the decision, believing that it is going to bring positive result.


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