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When a teacher wants to go and teach, preparation of Note of Lessons has no substitute. This Note of lessons is prepared prior to the class.

In the same vein, we should study always and apply what we study to ourselves, or that when we teach, they see the fruits of the seed we are sowing to their lives in our lives, for we are epistles that people read (2 Corinthians 3:2). This is what can make our teachings impactful. 2 Timothy 2:15 says, “Study to show yourself approved unto God (and also unto men), a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Why did Nicodemus call Jesus a teacher that come from God? Simply because he had taught himself, He knew he is God; that He can perform miracles and they (including Nicodemus) saw the miracles, and marveled that what He teaches is true. Your children and wards  have to see the manifestations of what you teach in your life, as parents and guardians, to believe and act.


Though Jesus is the word himself but He still studied, that is why He taught the apostles from the Book of Isaiah (Acts 8: 28 – 30; Verse 32 – Isaiah 53:7 – Philip), and He quoted from the Old Testament when tempted of the devil in the wilderness (Luke 4: 4 – Deuteronomy 8:3).

Jesus, the greatest teacher always teaches Himself before He appears before His congregation (Luke 5: 16 – 17). Before He taught the apostles the Old Testament (that was why Philip could teach the Ethiopian Eunuch the Book of Isaiah because he had been taught along with others by Jesus – Acts 8: 28 – 30), He had studied and taught Himself, that was the reason He could quote Deuteronomy 8:3, and some other verses when He was tempted of the devil.

“Study to show yourself approved unto God (and also unto men – the emphasis mine), a workman that needs not to be ashamed rightly dividing the Word of truth.”


What is the relevance of this to world education system?

The quality of education depends upon the quality of the teachers. Thus, the role of teachers is very important in making the nation. If the teachers are excellent, the nation will have excellent citizens. If otherwise, the nation is at the mercy of God – Rev. Fr. Valerian D’Souza, Director of St. Joseph Engineering College.


What is teaching?

  • Teaching is not to be considered a job but a vocation from God to make a student a true human being.
  • Teaching is a noble profession.
  • Teaching is a profession that teaches all other professions.


Who is a teacher?

  • A teacher is he/she who moulds the total personality of students – Indian Tradition.
  • A teacher is an agent appointed to develop citizenship who can live successfully in the culture of the country – Courtis Stuart
  • A teacher is he/she who affects eternity; he/she can never tell when his/her influence stops – Henry Adams.


Greatness of a Teacher: A joke

A school inspector: Who is the greatest – your mother, father or teacher?

The Child (replied immediately): certainly, my teacher is the greatest!

The Teacher (felt gratified and smile).

The Inspector (asked again): Why do you say so?

The Child (said innocently): my father tries to put me to sleep by telling me stories for a long time; my mother tries to put me to sleep by singing for a long time; but as soon as my teacher starts speaking in the class, I am over-powered by sleep! Not only that, all the 30 of us in the class sleep within a minute! Therefore, my teacher is the greatest!


Teachers, sincerely, we don’t wish to be known as ‘great’ in this manner. But, it is a fact that students remember their good teachers for their entire life time, when they are impressed by their teachers’ love, good manners, good teaching, uprightness, integrity, discipline and other human qualities. Let us be known as “great teachers” for these qualities.

Ponder over this oft-quoted quotation from William Arthur Ward:

  • The mediocre teacher…tells
  • The good teacher…explains
  • The superior teacher…demonstrates, and
  • The great teacher…INSPIRES!

Friends, let us all aspire to become such teachers, who not only teach, but inspire their students to reach great heights of excellence! Let us be catalysts to ‘ignite their minds’, as our respected scientist and former president, Dr Abdul Kalam has said.


Qualities of a Good Teacher

The Word “Teacher” itself indicates the essential qualities that a teacher should have:

T – Truthful, Trustworthy, Talented

E – Enlightened, Enterprising, Enthusiastic

A – Accessible, Adaptable, Admirable

C – Character, Creative, Caring

H – Humane, Humility, Helpful

E – Empathy, Eager, Excellence

R – Resourceful, Reasonable, Respected

Colleagues! I know you that you will tell me, surely, we are all ordinary human beings, and we may not have all these qualities in us. Never mind; once we are aware of these ideals, we must strive to enrich ourselves with these qualities by regular introspection and constant efforts. That is how we evolve and ennoble ourselves. That is how we justify belonging to this “noble profession.”

Other Desirable Qualities in a Good Teacher by Some Experts

  • He has a sense of purpose.
  • He teaches you to ‘learn’.
  • He inspires you with his passion.
  • He keeps you focused with his skill.
  • He gives clear expectations, but tolerates ambiguity on your part.
  • He makes complicated things look simple.
  • He expects and wishes for success for everyone.
  • He adapts to meet the needs of students.
  • He is knowledgeable but is comfortable with students’ ignorance.
  • He reflects on his work and is a continuous learner.
  • He enjoys his teaching and company of his students!

Characteristics of a Successful Teacher

  • He plans carefully.
  • He prepares thoroughly.
  • He delivers effectively.
  • He assesses objectively.
  • He evaluates impartially.
  • He records neatly.
  • He gives corrective feedback to students/parents lovingly.

Lastly, it is good to attend seminars, conferences, and meetings to update ourselves. Prof. M. Thirumaleshwar has attended several national and International conferences. Hence, he has more than 50 publications to his credit.


BIBLE: ROMANS 2: 18 – 23

Towards Excellence….How to Teach – A Guide Book for Teachers by
Dr M. Thirumaleshwar (Now a Professor) – 2014

Memory Verse:
Romans 2:21 – “You therefore which teach another, do you teach yourself? You that preach a man should not steal, do you steal?”

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