An Experience Called Examination in Schools. What is it Called in Real Life, and Also in Spiritual Matters?

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There is an experience we are used to in schools. It is called an examination! But in real life, it is trials, while in spiritual matters, it is temptation. Examinations precede promotion in schools. Trials precede breakthrough in real life. Temptations precede successful endeavors in spiritual matters.

In academic setting of every school, examinations still stand as the major instrument used for the purpose of promotion. No student has immunity against this phenomenon, no matter the son or daughter who the student is; he/she must have the examinations done, except if he/she doesn’t want to be promoted.

It is one thing to face this dreadful experience; it is another thing to pass it. If you don’t have the examination done, you’ll repeat to do it next year. If you do it and you fail, it is still the same judgment – repeat of the same experience, and taking the same examination again. Only those that pass their required examinations shall be promoted. If you are promoted to another level, it is of necessity that you have another examination done in order to be promoted from that level to another higher level. There is a different exam for every level you are promoted to!


The experiences called examinations in schools are called trials in real life. Students/Learners are just been introduced to the experiences that they must face in their nearest futures in order to have breakthroughs and successful endeavors in life. Being a child of God did not exempt you from this experience; it only gives you the grace to know how to go about it, in order to come out refined. Examinations are meant for promotions! Trials, also, are meant for breakthroughs! The question now is why are many going on a suicidal mission when they are facing one challenge or another in life? Trials are challenges of life; hurdles to be crossed to get to the finished line in the race of life; problems to be solved to get an excellent grade in the examination of life. They are rungs to be climbed to get to the top of the ladder of success. Trials is a ‘must’ in real life in order to move a step higher on the success ladder.

In the Holy Bible, a story was chronicled about Daniel. Each time he got a promotion; another temptation would rear its ugly head, and stared him at the face. You have to possess a correct and positive mentality about trials – challenges of life. Any time there is a challenge, it is a sign that a promotion is imminent.  They are not meant to terminate your life or make you retrogress. Trials are examinations of real life! When it is time for promotion, there is always a temptation (Daniel 3:30). After Job’s temptation, it was a promotion; after Joseph’s temptation of Pharaoh’s wife, and the trials in prison, it was a promotion.

Daniel was first promoted to be amongst the wise men of Babylon, then came temptation (Daniel 3:1 – 3); after which he was promoted again to a great man (Daniel 2:48). Another temptation arose that made him to be promoted as the head of the whole realm of Babylon Daniel 6:3).

Jesus was tempted by the devil (Luke 4:2); and He returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee, and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about (Luke 4:14). Luke 4:13 says, “And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season. Why did he depart for a season? Is it not to come back again when the time ripe?

If you are wise, you need to begin to prepare for another examination of life, immediately after a promotion. You can’t do without them; they are for your promotions and elevation!

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