God’s Blessings: The 7-Point Requirement

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“And blessed is she that believed, for there shall be a performance of those things, which were told her by the Lord.” – Luke 1:45
The major lesson from Xmas is that every of God’s promise to us shall come to pass. But there are requirements:

  1. Have Faith: Mary believed what the Lord has said concerning her. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. God loves men of faith, and there is nothing He cannot do for them. All that the men of the old achieved was through faith. There is nothing you can achieve without faith. Anything you do without faith can even become a sin. Faith is the very life of God!
  2. Be Holy and Righteous (Matthew 1:18): Joseph and Mary were holy. They were righteous. They did not commit fornication. They knew the right time to do things. They knew sex is sweet but they have to wait. Real love always waits to get anything. Sex is a sin outside marriage; inside it, it is a must. As Christians, we must always know the right time to do things. There are times that even eating would become a sin, whereas, eating in itself is not a sin. Righteousness is doing things the right way at the right time.
  3. Being Just (Matthew 1:19): Joseph was a just man, he did not like hurting people. He was just like Christ; he behaved the same way Jesus would do. Just like Jesus told those crowd that anyone that has not committed a sin before should stone the adulterous woman, and all of them left one by one. He decided to put Mary away privately so that they would not beat her to death. That is justice! There was no concrete evidence yet that Mary committed any crime.
  4. Be Obedient (Matthew 1:20 & 24): He takes to the pieces of instruction the Lord told him through the angel. In dicey situations, he still listened to the voice of God through the angel. How many men can still continue with such a relationship? Not minding what people would say, he continued at the commandment of the Lord. Whether it is easy or not, we should learn to follow the voice of the Lord; in order to succeed in life.
  5. Personalize the promise (Matthew 1: 22 & 23): The Lord spoke through the prophet about a virgin. He did not mention any virgin’s name, but Mary positioned herself to be blessed of the Lord. She personalized the blessing, she believed, and the blessings came to pass in her life. Most of God’s prophecies and blessings in the Bible have no name attached to them. Why can’t you put your own name there? Didn’t you buy the Bible with your own money? Why can’t you put your name there and claim the blessings of the Lord, as you work it out?
  6. Be joyful and full of Praise (Luke 1:46 & 47): “And Mary said, my soul doth magnify the Lord; and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my savior.” Mary was praising the Lord until she took delivery of the prophecy of the Lord. From the embryo stage till delivery, she did not stop praising God; she was always joyful and giving praise to God. No downtime with Mary and Joseph. The major reason most time for pregnancy termination is lack of joy. To take delivery of your blessings, joy is a fundamental requirement.
  7. Be humble (Luke 1:48): No matter how great you already are, you have to be humble to get more. If you are proud, what you are saying is that you don’t need anything from anybody, and that seals the door of every blessing to you. It takes humility to get from the Lord. You are telling God that you need Him to take delivery of your blessings and to succeed in every facet of life.


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Author: Peter Adewumi

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  1. “we should learn to follow the voice of the Lord”
    “All that the men of the old achieved was through faith”
    “It takes humility to get from the Lord”
    You are a wise man and have learned a great deal from God. Your ability to share truth with others in your own words shows how you have ingested God’s truth.
    “To take delivery of your blessings, joy is a fundamental requirement.” I have never thought of this before, but you are correct .
    Thank you, sir.

    1. Thanks for the candid analysis of this post. And thanks for re-emphasizing some of the truths. The Lord bless and reward you abundantly for the time spent to read the post. Be blessed!

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