Preparation Depicts Dependability on God

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A RENOWN PREACHER of The Word in a town wants to preach the Word in a gathering the second day, he believes he has known much of the Bible, that he doesn’t need to seek the face of the Lord.

Hear him preach:

The Preacher: Open your Bible to Joseph 37: 5 & 9.


Everybody was flipping through the Bible but nobody can find it. They thought it is a new book in the Bible

The Preacher (continues): Joseph had a dream, yet he had another dream.

Then, they realized he was talking of Genesis 37: 5 & 9.

The Preacher (continues again): The dream of Joseph couldn’t have come to pass. Devil wanted to use Potiphar’s wife, but Joseph submitted to God,   resisted the devil, and he fled as in Jacob 4:7

The congregation laughed and shouted, “James 4:7.”

The Preacher left the pulpit ashamed. And the congregation continued to laugh….


John 7: 18 says, “He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory, but he who seeks the glory of one who sent him is true, and no unrighteousness is in him.”

Preparation really means depending on God. When you are preparing, you are saying God, I know nothing; please help me, what should I do, where will I study? How should I go about it? Then, He is going to rise up on your behalf.

Preparation could also mean learning from others. You are looking for materials written by others, in order to add to what you have already known. It is when you can learn from men, we can conclude that you depend on God. So when you don’t prepare, what you are saying in essence is that men are not relevant, that you know more than everybody; and if you don’t respect men that you can see, by checking their materials for relevant facts to the subject at hand, how will you reference God that you cannot see?

When you don’t prepare, what you are saying is that “I am all in all.” I trust myself, I already have more than enough, I don’t I need any other thing including God’s help. And that could be dangerous!

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Author: Peter Adewumi

5 thoughts on “Preparation Depicts Dependability on God

  1. We must always depend on the help of the Holy Spirit to reveal the heart of God for his people- our audience through His word. With the help of the Holy Spirit a verse of scripture will mean different thing at different time though it is fundamentally thesame. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I have heard the same preacher preach two different powerful messages from the same verse, but at different time. Thanks for telling us to depend solely on Holy Spirit. More grease to your elbow, In Jesus’ name Sister Joan.,

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