There is a Beauty Inside of You

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When I read about Lizzie Velasquez from Google. She was labeled the world ugliest woman in the world, but she appreciates the beauty inside of her, and she is very great today.

Scientists may say whatever they like! They may say human beings evolved from some animals. But we were made to know we were all created in the image of God. If that is the case, there is no need for asking a nonsensical question like, “God, why me, why did you create me like this?”

Though physical beauty is good and it is a gift from the Lord, but it is not the ultimate. If you are beautiful outside but ugly inside, you will see that many people will hate you. You have to have the two – outward and inner beauty or you have one; and that most important one is the beauty within, the inner beauty.

For you to understand what I am saying, you will see that somebody that is beautiful in the face of one person, may not be beautiful in the face of another. Physical beauty is relative depending on the physical qualities the onlooker is looking for in your life. Hence, you are beautiful in the face of at least few people. Don’t be surprised that Lizzie has a boy-friend. He is good-looking and handsome.


Even, if nobody has ever told you that you are beautiful, you have to tell yourself so. Don’t you know you are created in God’s image? Is that not enough reason to know you are beautiful? If you carry that mentality, there is no way the thinking will not be radiating from your inner man, and show in your face. She has been bullied many times both online and physically, but she reacted positively, and instead of tucking in his head, she sees the beauty inside of her and she became one of the best motivational speakers around.

There is a beauty in you, and it is God’s beauty. If you don’t want it to disappear, you have to be conscious of it and let it show in the way you carry yourself and let the expression of that love radiates on your face. No matter how your look is, people will notice it, and they will ask, “what is giving this man so much confidence like this?” And they will come to a conclusion that there must be a beauty in you. The way physical beauty cannot be hidden, so also the inner beauty, in fact, inner beauty is the ultimate. That is what is giving the world ugliest woman the leverage to move on in life. She knows so much about physical beauty as one of the gifts bestowed on men by God; definitely, God is not a wicked God, if you don’t have one gift, you are going to have another. Therefore, look within you, and be conscious of what God has endowed you with.

The challenge that most of us have is that we concentrate on another man’s gift so much that we are blindfolded to our own. We will thence be seeing ourselves as amounting to nothing, just because we cannot see ourselves from the correct angle. The angle of our view is wrong; it is to favor others only. I am not saying we should not appreciate good things in others, but we should not deviate from the angle from which we can view ourselves better, and also see the good in ourselves.

Nay but, O man, who are you that replies against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, WHY HAVE YOU MADE ME THUS? – Romans 9:20

No matter how physically you were created, you don’t need to regret it. Have you forgotten you are created in the image of God? Are you asking for how God looks? God said, “I’m exactly like you and He doesn’t regret it, then why you? What you say about yourself is final; God has made you perfect for your inheritance in life. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

Has your question ever been, “Why have you made me thus?” Why am I short? Why is my head like this? Why are my eyes big? May I ask you the normal eyes size? Do you know it? You are the one that says your eyes are big. God did not say it; all that God had created are good. Those that were even saying it, they are only playing with you.

You better make a change of direction; change your question into appreciation – God I thank you for creating me like this, thank you for creating me in your image, thank you for I am your real image (your Word makes me know that), I thank you for what I’m going through right now, I know it is for you to bring the best out of me.

Then will the will of God for your life come into limelight. Halleluiah!

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