“A closed mouth is a closed destiny and a soundless Christian is a ‘signless’ Christian.” – Bishop David Oyedepo.   There are times to talk and there are times to keep silent. When you are to talk or pray, you have to do so. In Proverbs 18:21, Bible says, “Death […]

There are many activities and natural occurrences that are threatening to human existence on the surface of the earth. Some of these activities and natural occurrences that pose threats to us include erosion, flooding, bush burning, deforestation and desertification, depletion of ozone layer, landslide, and tsunami.

When I read about Lizzie Velasquez from Google. She was labeled the world ugliest woman in the world, but she appreciates the beauty inside of her, and she is very great today. Scientists may say whatever they like! They may say human beings evolved from some animals. But we were […]


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