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Youth for change

Your being a youth now is not a weakness, it is your strength.

 “Rise up to the situation and God will back you up!”

Don’t say because you are a youth, you will not be responsible, Paul was admonishing Timothy, a youth like you; he told him, let no man despise your youth, but be an example of the believers…. Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation and to doctrine (1 Timothy 4:12 – 13). A youth must rise up to any task because of strength embedded in him/her. Rise up! You are not a weakling. There is a kind of strength embedded in you for being a youth, you are gifted!


Saul wanted to despise David’s youth, don’t fight the philistine, he said, “Can’t you see his height? ” He asked. “He’s going to make mince of you and make you a sport!” He exclaimed. He finally added, “he is a man of war from his youth.” David reasoned in himself, if this man called Goliath is a man of war from his youth, if this man has become a champion from his youth, I can become a champion now; if this man has performed great feats when he was young, I can perform it now. If as a teenager, Goliath was not afraid of anything, then, I must not be afraid of him as a teenager. He was not despised, he rose up to the situation and God backed him up at his young age.

Are you a kind of youth that does not think of doing exploit in the kingdom? Jesus, at the age of twelve has started reasoning, discussing and asking questions to impact doctors, great men and wise men. Haven’t you heard of Daniel, Meshach, Shedrach and Abednego; they are youths like you, go and read about their feats, they performed wonderfully. They did not bow for baal, Daniel did not defile himself with King’s meat. What about Joseph? He did not fall for Portiphar’s, in order to save the future generation. What a great feat! Be not afraid; go for goal, those you see making edge in life start as a youth. Be responsible, be wise, your being a youth now is not a weakness, it is your strength, you are not a weakling! Obadiah, the servant of Ahab feared the Lord from his youth (1 Kings 18:12).

Paul was trying to tell Timothy, occupy till I come, like that man in the Parable of Jesus in Luke 19:13.

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